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Fully Automated Boat Storage

Two Solutions: Coastal or Inland

AUTODockit delivers fully automated boat storage. Boats are safely stored indoors in a rack and rail system, protected within a site-specific hurricane-protected structure. Vessels are placed in Rack Storage structures of unoccupied space driven by industrial automation technology. AUTODockit uses the same trusted and proven modular scalable architecture from AUTOParkit™ a market leader in Autonomous Parking Systems. AUTODockit uses all electric motors and does NOT use forklifts, overhead cranes, robotics, hydraulics, or pneumatics. Travel lanes are significantly reduced in AUTODockit sites allowing increased storage capacity and maximizing revenue

AUTODockit provides two solutions: Coastal and Inland. AUTODockit Costal lifts boats directly from the water while AUTODockit Inland is for trailered boats.

AUTODockit Coastal

Stores vessels up to 50 feet LOA (Length Over All) to be directly lifted from the wet slip equipped with our dock lift and then safely transported directly into the AUTODockit Rack Storage structure which can supply various sizes of dry slips. AUTODockit measures the vessel and automatically selects the proper dry slip to maximizer storage capacity. The AUTODockit System can be equipped to include a maintenance dry slip so that your vessel can be serviced and readied for your next adventure. When the owner requests their boat, it is automatically returned to the dock lift and splashed in the water. Safe, convenient, and efficient. Splash times are between 7 and 10 minutes depending on the building size.

AUTODockit Coastal – Boat Lifted from the Water

AUTODockit Coastal Boat Transported via Shuffle to Rack Lift

AUTODockit Coastal Rack Storage

AUTODockit Systems Can Be Equipped with a Maintenance Bay

AUTODockit Inland

Provides for a drive-through Load Bay that accepts trailered boats up to 30 feet LOA. The boat trailer is unhitched while it resides in the Load Bay and then securely attached to an AUTODockit Pallet. It is then automatically transported into the AUTODockit Rack Storage. When the owner requests their boat, it is delivered to a Load Bay. The driver simply backs up their vehicle to the Load Bay and hitches the boat trailer. Safe, convenient, and efficient.

AUTODockit Logo

Leave the wake in the water, not your boat

Developer Benefits

  1. Design Range – AUTODockit’s modular scalable architecture allows for designs to fit within small urban sites or easily expand to a larger footprint.
  2. Flexible Design Element – AUTODockit’s rail system for delivery of boats to the Dock Lift enables the building to be located away (e.g. 500 feet) from the water’s edge.
  3. Deliver Highest Dry Slip Density – Unlike operator-controlled overhead crane and forklift systems, AUTODockit uses a narrow drive lane of only 16 feet compared to 90 feet for conventional systems. With an AUTODockit System, there is no need to turn a vessel 180 degrees. Boats are side-loaded into the dry rack slip.
  4. Architectural Exterior – The steel rack structure allows for the building exterior of the AUTODockit System to blend with existing cityscape architecture.
  5. Building Tolerances – Designed to meet or surpass hurricane, snow, and earthquake specifications.
  6. No Single Point of Failure – The AUTODockit system deploys multiple levels of redundancy for added reliability/survivability. Both overhead cranes and forklifts are linear in their operations.
  7. No Operator Error – The system is fully automated allowing internal machinery to operate without human involvement. This saves on costly damage claims and liability.
  8. No Need for Costly Water Cut Inside Building – Unlike overhead crane dry stack systems that require boat lift inside to reduce possible cable sway from the wind. AUTODockit uses a wet lift that is at the waterways dock edge.
  9. Expanded Vessel Weight and Length – Unlike forklifts that have a limited height and lower level reach the AUTODockit System has none. AUTODockit stores 50 feet vessels weighing 40,000 pounds on an upper stack based on building height.
  10. Incorporate AUTOParkit (high-density parking) – In tight urban marinas, the land is a premium, and not enough available parking is provided. AUTOParkit can provide car parking in the same building as dry stack boat parking. We can also incorporate AUTOParkit inside a multifamily or office building. We can park vehicles at street grade or upper levels allowing prime street access retail or restaurant to occupy the ground level.
  11. Sustainable – The AUTODockit System is all electric which is eco-friendly and does not produce diesel fumes, pavement grime, or soot which wreaks havoc on a boat’s exterior. Each electric motor runs quietly which reduces noise pollution.

Owner/Operator Benefits

  1. No Need for Expert Trained Personnel – AUTODockit is a fully automated system that only requires dock hands to handle dock lines to and from the dock lifts.
  2. Reduction of Insurance Costs – Due to automation AUTODockit reduces the opportunity of theft and vandalism. Since there is no operator, human errors of judgment on boat size, weight, and placement are mitigated. Every AUTODockit is equipped with industrial machine control as well as machine safeties to protect equipment, building assets, the environment, and personnel. An AUTODockit System is capable of reducing insurance costs by 40% less when compared to traditional dry rack systems.
  3. Fewer Employees Needed – Automated handles the workload. Employees can be refocused on other higher revenue-generating opportunities.
  4. Worry-Free – During the first 12 months, the system is fully warranted. Garage24 monitors the operation 24/7 in real-time and provides operational reports. This is all part of the Monitoring Service Plan (MSP). GargeFloor24 also offers a Maintenance Service Agreement (MSA) to provide all recommended on-site maintenance.
  5. Focus on Vessel Maintenance Services – The operator can have a staff of maintenance partners that can deliver all needed vessel maintenance and repairs with the designed maintenance bays within the AUTODockit System.
  6. Consumer Elevated Experience – Users want an elevated boating experience that is easy and maintenance-free. Boats can be scheduled in advance or impromptu with the mobile APP.
  7. User Reservation System – AUTODockit’s mobile APP that will alert operation staff of scheduled launches. AUTODockit also provides integration to other businesses systems such as customer invoicing, vessel activity tracking, and service requests.
  8. Substantial Revenue Increase – Maintenance Bays can be added to the Rack Structure so that boats can be easily accessible for maintenance and repair.
  9. Charging Slips – Dry slips can be fitted with trickle chargers to allow a boat’s battery system to remain fully charged.
  10. Elimination of Fork Lifts – A forklift driver typically works in conjunction with a spotter. This approach doubles the labor costs. Diesel’s offensive smell and soot dispersed inside the marina’s building delivers a gooey residue to the exterior of vessels occupying the building.

User Benefits

  1. Weather Protection – No sunlight damage, bird droppings, or other environmental damage.
  2. Cost – A full year of rack storage is less than water dockage, possible winter storage, hauling, and launching fees.
  3. Security – No one can enter an AUTODockit’s Rack Storage except for maintenance personnel. All boats are monitored by IP cameras 24/7.
  4. No Bottom Paint – Vessels stored in dry racks do not require antifouling paints. You are helping to keep the sea beds clean of the harsh chemicals used for hull protection. Typical non-painted hulls save fuel and achieve higher top-end speeds. Costs of hull painting eliminations can offset the cost of storage.
  5. No Mooring Covers – Cost of added canvas and isinglass draperies can be eliminated during vessel design, as the need is not necessary for indoor storage.
  6. No Winterization – In cold climates, the AUTODockit facility can be temperature regulated to prevent the need to perform winterization and the addition of antifreeze solutions.
  7. Easy Maintenance – Every AUTODockit facility is designed with one or more inside maintenance bays to allow access for complete cleaning, polishing, servicing, and repairs since the vessel is already out of the water.
  8. Elimination of Dock Mishaps – No worries backing into a wet slip and worry about crosswinds, high/low tides, and currents.
  9. No Forklift Soot Deposits – AUTODockit is powered by clean electricity, so no worries about toxic exhaust deposits collected on your vessel.
  10. Remote Scheduling Launch Time – The AUTODockit system can put the owner in control to schedule their launch times directly with our mobile app or they can contact the marina directly to schedule a launch time.
  11. Automation Removes Operator Errors – AUTODockit is a logic control system that eliminates human errors and ultimately protects your vessel from operator mistakes from forklift and overhead crane operations.
  12. Boat Ready Adventure – When your boat is requested for launch, you can instruct to have it fueled up, ice in your cooler, and perhaps crew captains box lunches depending on your marina capabilities. The boat is waiting for the dockside for your arrival and immediate ready departure. All make ready done before you even stepped behind the helm.
  13. Return to Marina Cleaning – As you approach the dock, the marina staff will assist your vessel exit. Your vessel will be carefully dock lifted and as it enters the storage building a series of automated sprays will be used to remove saltwater to prepare your vessel for its dry rack storage.

Municipality Benefits

  1. Cityscape – AUTODockit Buildings can match existing cityscape to easily blend with existing surroundings
  2. Growth – By building taller buildings for boat storage less land is necessary which allows for lots to deliver their highest and best use
  3. Increase in Revenue – Increasing the number of services provided by marinas due to increased storage density increases sales tax revenue.
  4. Crime Reduction – Boats are stored indoors in unoccupied rack storage which reduces the opportunity for theft and vandalism.
  5. Sustainability – Reducing the need to continuously paint boats reduces the chemicals poured into our waterways.
  6. Reduction in Surface Parking – When coupling AUTOParkit with AUTODockit it reduces the amount of surface parking, street congestion, and unnecessary traffic in marine communities, creating a pedestrian-friendly environment.
  7. Image – Supporting high-tech, sustainable, and innovative solutions for boat storage in coastal cities increases the likelihood of a favorable perception necessary for a community to attract new businesses and residents.

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