Our manufacturing and in-house engineering teams allow us to utilize our equipment and expertise to create many different product types.

Dasher Lawless has built a creative and resourceful team that will ensure your product meets strict quality standards for both design and manufacturing.

Our engineering staff coupled with our production teams allow for rapid prototyping of innovative mechanical solutions that can be streamlined into final production. If you are looking for an knowledgeable manufacturing partner or searching for some additional capacity or even if you just need a short-run of a new part please contact us.



Dasher Lawless offers an extremely capable machine shop that includes both CNC Machining and manual fabrication equipment. Together, we are capable of machining from a wide range of materials including: Steel, Aluminum, Bronze, Copper, Stainless, Plastics, Composites, and many others as the need arises upon request.


Our Fabrication Team features expert certified welders and fitters that can handle a wide array of fabrication needs. Our equipment ensures that the welding and fabrication done meets our internal standards for workmanship and customers’ part specifications.

Assembly, Finishing, & Packaging


Our electrical and mechanical teams track our customers technical prints and drawings to ensure quality for every part shipped. We specialize in selecting the right coating for the specific application and that your product arrives intact and free of defects.

“Our quality commitment is not just words posted on a wall, it is carried in thought, execution, and persistence by our entire team through each product’s life-cycle”