A viable alternative to new or existing sites that doubles the number of cars parked in the same volume of traditional parking and provides it at approximately equal or lower cost than a conventional approach.

AUTOParkit™ is more sustainable, faster to build, less expensive to operate, safer for the community and it provides a necessary, convenient, alternative to an escalating global problem.

AUTOParkit™ delivers benefits to OWNERS, MUNICIPALITIES, and USERS. Although distinct groups, they all value AUTOParkit™ a fully Automated Parking System.

Owner Benefits

Improved Construction Schedules

The Modular/Scalable Architecture reduces construction time since most of the subsystems are fabricated off-site and integrated during the construction process when the proper construction equipment is still on-site making it easier to place the largest subsystems.


Installed cost comparable to above-grade concrete parking structures and less expensive than subterranean structures.

Facade Design Flexibility

Because the vehicles are turned off there is no need to exhaust CO2 and other emissions from the garage.  This allows developers to design garages that can fit into any context.

The AUTOParkit™ at the Helms Bakery for example, uses a Ferrari Fabric which during the day appears solid and at night is translucent. Due to the steel structure, the façade can be fabricated out of several materials including brick, stucco, glass, wood, metal to conform with the surrounding buildings streetscape.

Superior Density

Imagine parking twice the cars in the same space! AUTOParkit™ addresses parking volumetrically.

Modular/Scalable Architecture

The architecture of AUTOParkit™ provides solutions for both new and existing construction projects. It is a collection of subsystems that are fabricated off-site. This allows us to build a tailored solution for each site from the same set of reusable building blocks. Those subsystems include a Pallet to hold the vehicle, a Lift to move the vehicle vertically, a Shuttle to move the vehicle horizontally, and a stall to store the vehicle until the user requests its return. Best of all no intermediate floors required.

LEED Solutions

AUTOParkit™ offers various environmental frameworks that provide an opportunity for LEED solutions.

  • Reduced CO2 and other vehicle emissions
  • Reduced mechanical requirements
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced lighting requirements
  • Water conservation
  • Eliminates parking search time
  • Reduced excavation requirements for subterranean installations
  • Reduced overhead and operating costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Substantially reduced personnel / labor
  • Reduced parking structure footprint

Capital Equipment Depreciation Schedule

75% of system is capital equipment allowing for accelerated depreciation.



Converting a traditional parking structure to anything other than a ramped, cement parking structure (short of complete demolition) is highly unlikely. Not with an AUTOParkit™, it has several built-in adaptability features!

  • The number of Electric Vehicle increases -  AUTOParkit™ offers as an option an Automated Electric Charging Station which can be added to any stall to allow for vehicle charging when parked. The AUTOParkit™ is fully equipped to individually meter each stall’s electricity usage and allow for proper customer invoicing.
  • Parking Demand Increases – Space permitting parking levels can be extended or added, leveraging the same automation infrastructure.
  • Accurate metrics indicated a surplus of parking stalls – The surplus can be converted to (i) a Storage Container can be added to any standard pallet allowing for self-storage that is both safe and convenient. (ii) Since no one enters the rack storage area, stalls could be leased for secure long-term storage of luxury vehicles. (iii) A pallet can be converted for bicycle storage (see below). (iv) The AUTOParkit™ can also be equipped with a Manual Valet Option to allow for an attendant to park vehicles for nearby businesses or events. (v) The AUTOParkit™ can be equipped with a Dock Pallet to accommodate surf boards, winder surfers, kayaks, and canoes.
  • Demographic changes -  Due to the modular scalable architecture stalls can be removed and two levels of parking can be converted into rentable space.




Operating costs 40% lower than traditional parking.

(See 500 Stall Comparison)

Highly Reliable

AUTOParkit™ uses only world-class controls with built-in redundancies, including industrial rated electric motors and variable frequency drives. Safety devices include ultrasonic sensors, light curtains, motion detectors and HD internet cameras.

Reduces Labor

No attendants required with AUTOParkit™ which is self-monitored with notifications on performance, sent electronically via text message or email.

Municipality Benefits

Reduced Traffic

Researchers at the Department of Transportation have concluded that over 50 % of the traffic in a typical downtown is simply on the road circling the block and searching for vacant convenient parking spaces.

Increased Supply of Parking Spaces

AUTOParkit™ can be easily implemented in many dense locations where a conventional garage cannot fit.

Improved Image

Convenient and affordable parking is favored by non-residents.

Reduced Crime

By denying access to vehicles, the technology dramatically reduces the opportunity for crime.

Opportunity for Smart Growth in City Planning

Parking is one of the largest single land uses in our municipal footprints. This is a debilitating force on downtown areas that threaten its  economic potential and vibrancy. AUTOParkit™ provides the community planers the ability to build a smarter city. Leveraging automated parking for vehicles, bicycles, personal storage and marine crafts AUTOParkit™ reduces the necessary footprint and eliminates the specialization making it a mixed-use, adaptable garage. AUTOParkit™ can be erected to service a building, a city block or entire neighborhood. It can be used by tenants, the public or by valet attendants.

Environmentally Conscious

AUTOParkit™ provides a “Green” parking solution to address the increasing demand for environmentally conscious developments. A review of LEED-NC Ver 2.2, the Green Building Rating System for New Construction & Major Renovations, indicates that an automated parking system could receive a minimum of 10 points and a maximum of 17 points. Other areas that contribute one point are:

  • Lighting
  • Thermal comfort
  • Chemical and pollutant
  • Low emitting materials
  • Air quality
  • No Ventilation of emissions (vehicles are not running inside the garage)
    • 80% Reduction in vehicle emission
    • 83% Reduction in vehicle fuel consumption

  • Optimal energy performance
  • Atmosphere
  • Light reduction
  • Maximize open space
  • Preferred 5% parking (Car Pool)
  • Shared vehicle storage

ADA Compliant

When an AUTOParkit Load Bay is ADA accessible then all automated stalls are ADA compliant.

Public Safety

65% of all assaults by a non-family member occur in parking structures but NOT in an AUTOParkit since the vehicle is returned to the owner in a locked, safe, secure Load Bay. Less than 10% of the AUTOParkit is publicly accessible.

User Benefits

Personal Safety

Vehicle Drop-Off Pick-up

The Drop-off / Pick-up for a vehicle is in a Load Bay. The Load Bay is similar to a large single stall garage that features security cameras monitored 24-7. The Load Bay is also well lit and locked. Only the vehicle’s owner can unlock the Load Bay to retrieve the vehicle.

Load Bays are normally at grade which reduces the time and distance for walking to the Load Bay. The Lobby Areas are secure, well lit, and informative with a Queue-Monitor to help direct a user to the proper Load Bay.
Overhead doors open/close automatically so a driver concentrates on the entrance/exit.


Vehicle Protection

No one enters your vehicle. Your vehicle is NOT subjected to scratches or dings from another vehicle. It is not at risk of scraping a cement column. It is NOT vulnerable to a break-in since the storage rack that holds all parked vehicles is not accessible to the public.

Streamline Delivery

AUTOParkit™ brings your vehicle to you. You are no longer subject to crowded exit lanes that become artificially congested when some inconsiderate driver decides to wait for that “perfect" spot.

Mobile App

AUTOParkit’s mobile app allows you to schedule your retrieval time, pay for parking and provide you with an accurate status of your vehicle’s position.

Never Lost

Have you ever forgotten where you parked your car or worse, walked to where you were certain you parked it, only to discover that it is not there?

AUTOParkit™ knows exactly where your car is at all times, so you never have to remember floor, row or space.

Nose In & Nose Out

The AUTOParkit™ Load Bays are equipped with two overhead doors allowing the user to pull forward upon entrance and pull forward upon exit.

When a Load Bay has only one overhead door, AUTOParkit™ rotates the vehicle 180° to allow the driver to pull forward upon exit.
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Valet Service w/o Valet

AUTOParkit™ eliminates the frustration of endless searching for an open parking spot, which saves fuel and time. AUTOParkit™ automatically places your vehicle in the best available location safely and swiftly. No one takes your keys or enters your car – EVER. And once you have dropped off your vehicle you are on your way. AUTOParkit™ removes the fitful search to find the proper exit stairwell or elevator since most Load Bays are at grade.

Quick Retrieval

40-180 Seconds Retrieve Time is the standard design requirement. AUTOParkit™ is also capable of “zero” wait time for a user. Zero-wait time is when the driver and their vehicle arrive at the Load Bay at approximately same time.

Zero Wait

When Remote Retrieve Kiosks are stationed along walk-paths a user can request their vehicle then continue their walk to the parking garage so that by the time they arrive, their vehicle can be in the Load Bay.

AUTOParkit™The premier solution for fully Automated Parking Systems (APS) for new or existing sites that can normally double the number of parking stalls when compared to a traditional approach for approximately the same cost. It can optionally be equipped with (i) automated charging stations for electric vehicles (EV), (ii) storage for bicycles, (iii) personal storage containers and (iv) marine crafts (e.g. surf boards, kayaks, canoes, wind surfers).

AUTOStorit LogoLeverages the same robust technology as AUTOParkit™ but provides storage container pallets that are automatically delivered to a Storage Bay for convenient loading/unloading by the owner. Each storage container can be further subdivided into as many as 4 individual compartments for a variety of personal storage space offerings. NOTE: Storage container pallets can be included with AUTOParkit™.

AUTODockit LogoProvides the same functions as AUTOParkit™ but for boats. Targeted for marina locations, a boat can be driven on to a standard pallet via trailer or lifted via crane directly from the water onto a waiting boat pallet. Even smaller watercrafts e.g. canoes, kayaks, surf boards, can be stored on a dock pallet. NOTE: Dock pallets can be included with AUTOParkit™.

Automated Park Management System (APMS) controls and monitors traditional parking stalls for their authorized usage. The APMS can be fitted to run as a standalone system or be integrated with AUTOParkit™, AUTOStorit™ or AUTODockit™.

Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) is a specialization of Dasher Lawless for AUTOParkit™, AUTOStorit™ and AUTODockit™. However, if you require an ASRS solution with additional features we are happy to expand our portfolio to accommodate your requirements. Please come talk with us about your project or email us.

Our Team always enjoys a good challenge. Between our capable architecture and engineering groups along with our versatile manufacturing division, we are more than willing to provide you with a tailored solution. Please come talk with us about your project or email us.

“An effortless customer experience is the reward for automation done right”