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AUTOParkit™ in 60 seconds.

SIEMENS & AUTOParkit™ Partnership

AUTOParkit™ Helms Bakery Training

Project Highlights

AUTOChargit Mobile UTV – Announcement

Detroit, MI

AUTOChargit Mobile Truck Release

Detroit, MI

AUTOParkit™ at INclave Project

Marina Del Rey, CA

AUTOParkit™ Webcam (Helms API System)

Culver City, CA

Bedrock Announces AUTOParkit at Free Press Building Renovation

Detroit, MI

AUTOParkit™ Helms Bakery Grand Opening

Los Angeles, CA

In the Media

AUTOParkit™ Segment from Channel ABC7/KABC

March 2017

AUTOParkit™ Featured on The Travel Channel

June 2013

AUTOParkit™ Systems Grand Opening at Savannahs

Sherman Oaks, CA

The Beverly Hills City Council Meeting

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Parking Demos

AUTOParkit™ Systems

Parking a Car

AUTOParkit™ Systems

Car Retrieval

“Engage with the community”