System Overview

The world’s increasing population and the continued migration to urban areas are escalating the demand for parking. The combination of these two trends amplify a global parking shortfall but more importantly exposes the sheer weaknesses in the current solutions.

Parking rethought, reinvented and re-engineered.

AUTOParkit™: Fully Automated Parking Systems

Traditional parking facilities are a highly inefficient use of land, environmentally unfriendly, unsafe, and aesthetically unappealing. AUTOParkit™ offers a viable alternative to new or existing sites that normally doubles the number of cars parked in the same volume of traditional parking and provides it approximately the same cost than a conventional approach. It is more sustainable, faster to build, less expensive to operate, safer for the community and provides a necessary, convenient, alternative to an escalating global problem. These benefits are attributed to Dasher Lawless innovations in architectural design, construction, industrial automation and manufacturing.

System Presentation

AUTOParkit™The premier solution for fully Automated Parking Systems (APS) for new or existing sites that can normally double the number of parking stalls when compared to a traditional approach for approximately the same cost. It can optionally be equipped with (i) automated charging stations for electric vehicles (EV), (ii) storage for bicycles, (iii) personal storage containers and (iv) marine crafts (e.g. surf boards, kayaks, canoes, wind surfers).

AUTOStorit LogoLeverages the same robust technology as AUTOParkit™ but provides storage container pallets that are automatically delivered to a Storage Bay for convenient loading/unloading by the owner. Each storage container can be further subdivided into as many as 4 individual compartments for a variety of personal storage space offerings. NOTE: Storage container pallets can be included with AUTOParkit™.

AUTODockit LogoProvides the same functions as AUTOParkit™ but for boats. Targeted for marina locations, a boat can be driven on to a standard pallet via trailer or lifted via crane directly from the water onto a waiting boat pallet. Even smaller watercrafts e.g. canoes, kayaks, surf boards, can be stored on a dock pallet. NOTE: Dock pallets can be included with AUTOParkit™.

Automated Park Management System (APMS) controls and monitors traditional parking stalls for their authorized usage. The APMS can be fitted to run as a standalone system or be integrated with AUTOParkit™, AUTOStorit™ or AUTODockit™.

Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) is a specialization of Dasher Lawless for AUTOParkit™, AUTOStorit™ and AUTODockit™. However, if you require an ASRS solution with additional features we are happy to expand our portfolio to accommodate your requirements. Please come talk with us about your project or email us.

Our Team always enjoys a good challenge. Between our capable architecture and engineering groups along with our versatile manufacturing division, we are more than willing to provide you with a tailored solution. Please come talk with us about your project or email us.

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