An ungated surface parking lot is prone to unauthorized transient parking.
Fulltime Security Staff is financially unjustified.

Mechanical gate not allowed.
Completely full parking lot with assigned parking.
Major disruptive issue with building tenants.
Property manager is NOT on-site.


ParkSentry from Dasher Lawless Automation a leader in autonomous parking systems.

Monitors each stall and alerts via text or email a property manager of parking violations with time stamped photographs. Cost effective to purchase, install, and own.

benefits summary

Integrate vehicle detection with IP Digital Cameras
to text or email notification

Installed on existing or new parking lots

Scalable for single lot or entire parking structure

Operational 24/7

Remotely Monitored by GarageFloor24

No Onsite Personnel required

eParking Reservations using AUTOApp

POS using AUTOApp

Photographic evidence is time-stamped and provides vehicle license plate number

Immediate Notification of Towing Service

On-line account management via

Key FOB or Mobile APP or both

No Gates Required

Seamlessly integrates with AUTOParkit.

System Example

Each parking stall is fitted with a hidden vehicle detection sensor and monitored by an industrial controller 24/7.

After parking, an authorized user taps their Key FOB at a reader or uses the Mobile APP to notify the system.

Internet cameras strategically placed are triggered when an unauthorized vehicle is parked to capture vehicle license plate, make/model, & time of day to be automatically emailed or texted to property manager.



FAULT Message
Photo Example

Property Management Access via Website

Capable of detecting
poor parking



Tenant Parking During the Day

Paid Public Parking at Night

Reserved Parking for Special Events

A Simple 2-Step Process

STEP 1. Park your vehicle in your assigned stall. Lock your car and walk towards the building stairwell.

STEP 2: Upon arrival at the Key FOB reader near the stairs, tap your Key FOB to notify the system. Or use your Mobile APP. You have 5 minutes after parking to notify the system. Once you tap your Key FOB the LED will blink GREEN to indicate that your ID has been successfully read and matched to your parking space.


What happens if I do NOT tap my key FOB within 5 minutes?

ParkSentry will photograph your car and send an email notification to the property manager alerting them that a car is illegally parked.

What happens if I tap my key FOB after the 5 minutes?

ParkSentry will have already sent an email notification to the property manager alerting them that a car is illegally parked. Please call or text the property manager to let them know your car is parked in your stall.

What happens if I park in the wrong location and tap my Key FOB?

ParkSentry will provide you with a blinking RED light indicator since you are a valid user. However, after 5 minutes the incorrect stall that you parked will create an email notification to the property manager alerting them that a car is illegally parked.

What happens if I tap my key FOB and I get a RED light?

If the key FOB is not authorized, the indicator light will turn red and the Key FOB Reader will issue a one-second audible buzzer.

If the Key FOB is not of the correct type, the indicator light will flash RED along with a one-second audible buzzer. The Key FOB is either has not been activated or it is the wrong Key FOB type. In either case, please contact the property manager.

NOTE: Please park between the stall lines. If you park a vehicle that overlaps into more than one parking stall it will cause the system to detect it and report this fault condition.

Can I park any vehicle?

Yes. Any legally licensed vehicle can be parked by the authorized user.

What if I lose my Key FOB?

Notify the property manager. There is a replacement fee.

What if I forget my Key FOB?

Park in your assigned stall and then notify the property manager.

Can I loan out my Key FOB?

While not a preferred practice, if the Key FOB is on loan the driver must abide by the system rules. Otherwise, a fault will be detected, and the property manager may conclude that an unwarranted vehicle has been parked.

What happens if my assigned stall is occupied when I arrive?

Contact the property manager. Chances are the property manager is already taking actions to have the unwarranted vehicle towed.

How does a group of stalls work for a single office?

A Key FOB can be assigned to more than one stall location. Therefore, when an office has more than one stall any stall in that group can be used by anyone it that office that has a valid Key FOB.

    STEP 1: Contact Information



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