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AUTOParkit’s Lawless Alan Stays on Top at Irwindale Raceway


The NASCAR Whelen Series

Lawless Alan Captures 1st NASCAR Track Championship

There were plenty of high fives and champagne on a warm California night for the entire Dasher Lawless Racing Team which is sponsored by AUTOParkit.  Mike Dunkleberger, Crew Chief of the number twenty-five car said, “We had the points lead coming into tonight, but knew we needed to run upfront if we wanted to control the championship.  This is something the entire team has worked for these past two years.  Lawless was diggin’ the entire race and never let up.  And on that last restart, even though he was in a comfortable points lead, he was going for the win, holy cow he can drive.  He was down past the white line going into two trying to pass for the lead.  But P2 put us on the podium again and we locked up the championship.  I just can’t say enough about this team and this young kid, wow, what a talent he is.”  Shawn Adams, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for AUTOParkit was equally as excited, “Tonight is a perfect illustration as to why AUTOParkit made the decision to have our brand represented by Lawless Alan.  He exemplifies the hard work, dedication and drive that it takes to be the best which is in lock step with our philosophy at AUTOParkit.  Our company and the people in it work tirelessly every day to continue to be the world leader in the design, manufacturing, construction and operation of fully automated parking systems.  It’s a fantastic accomplishment that we’re able to share not just with the race team, but with our business partners like Siemens, Nord Gear, Vahle, and JD2.  The competition of motorsports is no different than the inherent competition of business and at AUTOParkit, just like the race team we work every day to be the best.”

Dasher Lawless Racing Team Victory Celebration

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