Utilize Advanced Automation Technologies

AUTOParkit, AUTODockit, and AUTOStorit systems improve the customer experience, drive productivity, and achieve world-class operations by incorporating numerous pillar technologies to support long-term adaptations and evolving market requirements.

Pillar technologies include:

  1. Digital Twin– Digital operating code is used to create a virtual working model of your parking garage or high-density dry rack boat storage building or personal storage containers rack system before it is ever physically built. This aids validation of performance metrics before the actual system is built. Dasher Lawless engineers can simulate all processes in the virtual environment. It involves the entire production line of mechanics, electronics, software, power utilization, and system performance. Sources of error or failures can be identified and prevented before building live operations. Furthermore, additional subsystems (e.g. Load Bays) can be incorporated into the design to meet throughput requirements. Virtual commissioning can be completed off-site to reduce construction and installation schedules.
  2. Digital Thread– Makes connections to critical information allowing to track a product and its digital assets from concept, design, manufacturing, quality, and field maintenance.
  3. Product Life Cycle Management (PLM)– PLM enables digital twin and digital thread across multiple phases of product development and ensures traceability across the life cycle of the product. AC motors used extensively in the modular scalable architecture are individually tracked for current draw and hours of operations to predict EoL (end of life) so they can be replaced or repaired to improve the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure).
  4. Big Data– Every event, warning, and fault notification is collected, timestamped before being stored in a database. The possibilities are endless to measure variables such as time to park or time to store. The number of employees parking versus paid external users could be queried. You also could view how many boats will be launched versus the total left in storage or other views. Data queries are endless.
  5. Machine Learning– This is a type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that allows software applications to become more accurate at predicting outcomes without being explicitly programmed to do so. Machine learning algorithms use historically collected data to predict new output values. This functionality is important as it learns user behavior patterns. You leave the office every day at 3:30 PM, so AUTOParkit will begin moving your vehicle for a faster exit position before your request in anticipation. If you are taking your boat out every Saturday morning for a launch, AUTODockit will position your boat for the fastest splash by positioning it to a closer exit location. Machine Learning is also used in predictive maintenance to assure a high level of uptime.
  6. Internet of Things (IoT)– AUTOStorit includes sensors, automation systems, actuators, power utilization to process predictive maintenance for enhanced efficiencies. The goal is to understand and replace components prior to their end of life to prevent equipment failures. Dasher Lawlessinstalls numerous IP cameras at the garage or storage container rack structure or at the dry rack boat storage marina all allowing around-the-clock remote viewing.
  7. Cloud Computing– The real-time data exchange of information, connecting people, payment systems, system usage, and facility-wide camera capturing data. Sending monthly invoices by an AUTOStorit System can be automatically calculated and distributed which reduces the accounting personnel’s workload.
  8. Cyber Security– A multilayered security framework that allows only access into the system to authorized users including facility management, operators, and support teams. Our strategies are resilient, vigilant, and completely secure.
  9. System Integration– Allows connectivity between machines, third-party software or systems, staff members, and users. We design a combination of multiple software packages, computing systems, and business processes to develop a more extensive system. This combines software applications and sub-systems to new novel functionalities, thereby boosting the value of independent subsystems working together. In many cases, we can eliminate duplicative systems between building technologies and our system. We have powerful APIs to offer connectivity to Siemens Intelligent Building Services and other to other enhanced service provider systems.
  10. Autonomous Systems– The devices that require little or no human intervention for their operations are referred to as autonomous systems. By reducing human intervention these systems are reducing the opportunity for human error. Our system can connect to other autonomous systems delivering an ecosystem of new enhanced service creation features unique and customized to the individual. Autonomous cars can communicate in an AUTOParkit garage allowing self-parking and EV charging capabilities. Autonomous Valet Services can communicate and allow parking into AUTOParkit garages. Autonomous Buildings can communicate with AUTOParkit to provide enhanced concierge services. For example, passenger elevators can be automatically triggered to meet the arrived user. Pathways can be lit appropriately and passage doors unlocked to create a smoother welcome to a building.

AUTOParkit, AUTODockit, and AUTOStorit systems are transformative additions to any commercial development. Each system individually or collectively leverages pillar technologies providing an integrated ecosystem that starts in the virtual world and transfers throughout the asset’s life cycle.

For more information on AUTOParkit, visit www.autoparkit.com.

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