Hannover, GERMANY April 1, 2019 – Christopher Alan, President and Founder of AUTOParkit™ spoke to the Siemens USA Contingency at the Hannover Messe and provided a summary of the rise of AUTOParkit, a fully automated parking system, to a market leader. Alan shared some examples of space, environmental, and adaptability challenges that commercial developers are facing when trying to provide parking for their projects and how AUTOParkit, leveraging automation-technology, is removing these obstacles. Chad Shaffer with Siemens was captivated by the AUTOParkit presentation. Shaffer confessed, “I am always inspired by learning about disruptive technologies providing innovative solutions that are impacting our future. What AUTOParkit has accomplished for parking cars is remarkable.”

Christopher Alan addresses the Audience at 2019 Hannover Messe

Alan took the opportunity to introduce Wally Marks President of WMR Realty  who is developing a 52-story high-end residential building in Los Angeles and bring him on stage. Marks explained his vision of integrating AUTOParkit along with Siemens Switch Gear and Building Technologies in his latest development to provide an enhanced customer experience. AUTOParkit and Siemens along with WMR are pioneering new advancements for Autonomous Buildings.

Wally Marks & Christopher Alan Share the Stage at 2019 Hannover Messe

For more information on AUTOParkit™, visit www.autoparkit.com.

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