Imagine a future free of parking hassles. AUTOParkit™ ( has built the first fully automated parking structure in Los Angeles in an upscale apartment community. It’s the first-ever system of its kind in Southern California that promises to revolutionize parking.

The AUTOParkit™ system has the capacity to park up to twice as many cars in the same space as a traditional parking structure as API has now shown with Los Angeles’ pilot project for automated parking.
LA’s first installation is in a high-end apartment building in Sherman Oaks. A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is scheduled for 9 am, Thursday, February 21.

The system is surprisingly simple. Drivers enter the AUTOParkit™ facility through a traditional garage door, turn off their car, walk a few short steps to a kiosk, wave their key fob and their car is safely whisked away by the industrial proven, commercially adapted high tech system. Once parked, cars are safely secured in the structure.

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