1. Superior Developer Benefits
    • AUTOParkit is a transformative technology that usually doubles the number of cars parked as
      compared to a conventional concrete garage.
    • Reduces parking perimeter
    • AUTOParkit addresses parking volumetrically at a cost equal to or lower than traditional parking structures.
    • Reduces development costs
    • Reduced cost of utilities, insurance premiums, and costly valet services
    • Delivers valet services without labor-intensive valet
    • Shorter construction schedule
    • Increases valuable revenue-generating space
    • Accelerated depreciation
    • Reduced excavation requirements
    • Reduced construction materials
    • Optimized real estate and increased value
    • Enhanced User Experience
    • Marketing differentiator
  2. Sustainability
    • Facilities with an AUTOParkit System may earn up to 17 LEED points
    • Speed of construction & materials used.
    • Carbon reduction (emission-free).
    • Operating costs are 40% lower than traditional parking.
    • Significantly reduced vehicle emissions and fuel use
    • Reduced carbon footprint due to lower power consumption
    • A smaller footprint requires fewer building materials
    • Reduced need for excavation
    • Less soil disruption and fewer fumes
    • Repurposing possibilities due to no ramps and turning aisles
  3. Safety and Security
    • The driver maintains keys, vehicle contents secure
    • No parking related damage such as scrapes and dents
    • Vehicle delivered to the secured load bay all recorded, improving safety
    • Eliminates car theft, break-ins, and assaults
    • No worries about backing into a pedestrian exiting the garage
    • No concerns about remembering where your car is parked
    • Often zero wait time as the user’s arrival at the load bay matches car arrival
  4. Operator Benefits
    • Energy Savings
    • Reduced lighting and ventilation requirements
    • Personnel Savings
    • Reduction of garage staff (valets)
    • Insurance Premium Savings
    • Maintenance Savings
    • Reduction in overall maintenance/repair costs
    • Increase in useful life of the system
  5. Architect Benefits
    • Reduced footprint allows for improved functionality and building flow
    • Full design flexibility
    • Another tool in the architect’s toolbox
    • Full design flexibility
    • Reduced footprint allows for improved functionality and building flow
    • Parking as Amenity
    • Parking as a differentiator
    • integration with other intelligent building systems
  6. AUTOParkit High Reliability
    • AUTOParkit’s automation partner is Siemens, which uses only world-class controls
    • Redundancies incorporated into each subsystem
    • Industrial-rated electric motors and drives fully monitored for power curve utilization
    • Safety devices include ultrasonic sensors, motion detectors, and HD IP cameras.
    • All subsystems are continuously monitored for optimal system performance 24/7.
  7. Modular AUTOParkit Design
    • Scalable solutions for both new and existing construction projects
    • Building owners and contractors are pleased to learn that an AUTOParkit System can be built faster than traditional parking due to all steel-frame construction.
    • The façade around an AUTOParkit System can be constructed to mimic the surrounding architectural details so l that a passerby would never guess a high-tech, a fully automated parking garage is operating inside.
    • Only 12 base components are used in a 50 car garage or one parking 5000 cars
    • We build a design to support the necessary throughput requirement that is site-specific
    • The system is designed with the property in mind to indulge the users with an elevated experience

AUTOParkit Dry Rack Storage


For more information on AUTOParkit, visit www.autoparkit.com.

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