An Industry-First: The AUTOChargit Mobile Twin L2 UTV

DETROIT January 5, 2024 – AUTOChargit expands its Mobile line-up with the AUTOChargit Mobile Twin L2 UTV. An all-terrain, dual charging utility vehicle. Engineered and manufactured in Warren, Ohio at the Dasher Lawless production facility, the UTV was designed for an automotive logistic client and specific industry need, then delivered in person to Detroit where it was immediately put to work.

The AUTOChargit Mobile UTV features 4×4 all-wheel drive, is equipped with 2 power units that allow for its dual charging capabilities and is ready to take on the cold weather and frozen lots that Detroit is known for this time of year.

The genesis of this mobile charging unit was born through collaboration with a Dasher Lawless partner: Precision Vehicle Holdings, expanding upon the success of their partnership. During the intermodal transportation of Electric Vehicles (EV’s) from the manufacturer, a common problem has arisen, thousands of these vehicles are arriving at their intended destination without battery charge, thus rendering them immovable. Due to the way they are commonly shipped, tightly packed together in hard-to-reach places, this creates a serious problem on multiple ends.

Enter Dasher Lawless and AUTOChargit, known for providing forward-thinking and creative solutions alongside a customer focused approach, they immediately got to work on how to solve a problem plaguing the Electric Vehicle industry. With some creative thinking and extremely hard work, the AUTOChargit Mobile Twin L2 UTV was born.