Raleigh developer awarded $28M grant due to AUTOParkit technology

Raleigh, NC December 1st, 2023 – Capital City Urban Developers (CCUD) were recently awarded a grant worth $28M due to Dasher Lawless (DL). With AUTOParkit and AUTOChargit technologies on the forefront of the new project, CCUD were not only able to secure a low interest loan earlier in the year but were also awarded the grant, due to the clean energy technology that DL brings to the table.

Dasher Lawless has been partnered with CCUD over the past year and a half. CCUD are responsible for designing and developing some of North Carolina’s most sustainable projects, from schools to parking garages, including 12 energy-positive facilities across the Carolinas. Being able to continue forward with the clean energy work utilizing Dasher Lawless’s innovative and environmentally friendly AUTOParkit and AUTOChargit Technology.

AUTOParkit will be responsible for over 800 Automated Parking Stalls. AUTOChargit will be handling the Electric Vehicle Charging including both Automated and Traditional units. GarageFloor24 will maintain the monitoring and maintenance of the Automated Parking garage and its systems, providing 24/7/365 coverage, all of this being done with diminished energy consumption and the elimination of carbon emissions made possible by the Dasher Lawless tech.

Christopher Alan, President and CEO of Dasher Lawless, reflected on this tremendous team achievement, “I’m extremely gratified to know that the team who has worked so hard is beginning to see the results they’ve strived for, with many more achievements of this scale to come”.

Located along the southern edge of downtown Raleigh, the 5-Level, 800+ parking stall facility will provide over 60% of the area’s projected parking needs including both traditional and automated Parking. The facility, valued at over $34M, is slated to begin construction in 2025, wrapping and opening for Public access in 2026.

To read more about the awarded grant click the following link:

Announcements – NC SAVES Green Community Program (ncsavesgcp.com)