Daytona Beach, FL, February 16th, 2024 – The 2024 NASCAR Craftsmen Truck series kicked off this past weekend, seeing Lawless Alan and Reaume Brothers Racing together on the track for the first time since their reunion was announced earlier in the year.

Lawless looked incredibly quick, with the 8th fastest time out of 40 trucks. When things kicked off, Lawless quickly made up ground, advancing 16 positions in 6 laps. In typical Daytona fashion, things got a little rowdy on the track following his impressive move up the field, with 2 trucks colliding ahead of Lawless and the pack running incredibly close together, he was caught in the aftermath and sustained some damage to his truck, which was retired shortly after that. Daytona showed quite a bit of promise for the first outing of the season, and certainly quite a bit of speed.  The 2024 season looks to be a successful one for Lawless, it continues next week at the Fr8 208 in Georgia at the Atlanta Motor Speedway


In addition to the race, long-time sponsors of Alan, AUTOParkit, and AUTOChargit held an event trackside, hosting around 45 VIP guests on behalf of both companies. The guests had the opportunity to experience pit lane firsthand, and of course, enjoy the race from the pit box as well. When the guests were not on the track, they took in the race from the AUTOChargit pit patio and enjoyed trackside catering, alongside joining Lawless on the track itself during the national anthem. Quite an incredible experience all around for valued guests of both companies, one that they truly enjoyed and will not forget.

If you are interested in attending a race as one of our VIP Guests, please get in touch with Christina Cappello ( or Connor Mason ( You can also reach out to our office: (855) 755-7275