Las Vegas, NEVADA, May 21, 2024,  Dasher Lawless introduced the AUTOChargit Switching Charger Product Line at the 2004 ICSC Real-Estate Convention along with the AUTOParkit System. The demonstration AUTOChargit Switching Charger and associated Ports allowed attendees the opportunity to see firsthand the ACI Switching Charger and by scanning a QR code they were able to download an introductory video on the ACI Mobile APP. The Switching Charger is only one product line within the AUTOChargit Portfolio that includes Mobile, Automated, and Fleet solutions.

ICSC 2024

2024 proved to be the busiest trade show for Dasher Lawless in part due to the introduction of AUTOChargit and a growing market adoption of AUTOParkit. EVP of Sales Shawn Adams said, “The marketing department did an outstanding job paring the legends racecars with a cutting-edge technology such as AUTOChargit which resulted in heavier than normal booth traffic. We collected 4 times the number of leads as compared to last year.”


Dasher Lawless has been attending ICSC RECON for nearly 15 years and despite the construction at the North Hall, the trade show remains a highlight for the year. The entire marketing, sales, architecture, operations, and engineering teams contribute to the event’s success. 2024 also marked the first time the booth has been expanded since 2012 and every square inch was needed to accommodate attendees.


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