The AUTOChargit Mobile Truck

Wayne, MI, March 27th, 2024 – Dasher Lawless Automation, a leader in Autonomous Parking and Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging systems, released the AUTOChargit Mobile Truck, a first-of-its-kind, mobile charging vehicle. Equipped with a 175-kilowatt generator, powering a 120-kilowatt DC Fast Charger. The truck is intended to meet inbound shipments of EV’s, providing the appropriate charge for the vehicles to be moved to their intended destination.

The combination of the generator and DC Fast Charger allows the truck to charge a dead EV battery up to 30% in roughly 7 minutes, reducing the difficulty and time required of moving the vehicles. The 78-gallon fuel tank powering the generator, allows it to charge for roughly 6 hours, without the need to stop and refuel.

With a tough job ahead across multiple locations in Michigan, the truck was fabricated with safety and efficiency in mind. Strobe lights and a spotlight were custom fitted for work in potentially inclement conditions, alongside a rear-mounted winch (capable of towing up to 12,000lbs), an onboard emergency battery charger, and a 20-gallon air compressor, the AUTOChargit Mobile Truck is not only prepared to quickly charge a dead EV battery, its ready for any vehicle-related challenge that could potentially cross its path.

This is another example of the strong partnership between Dasher Lawless and Precision Vehicle Holdings. The truck is a first-of-its-kind, tailored specifically to Precision’s needs. The customization was done fully in Warren, Ohio by the talented Dasher Lawless Fabrication team, who proved once again that no task is too large nor challenge too difficult to overcome when working together.

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