A valet service without the valet

When you need to park your car

  • You pull into a Load Bay (drop-off/pick-up location) after the garage doors automatically open, take your keys and your personal items while exiting the car
  • You remain in complete control with the user-powered AUTOParkit Mobile APP.
  • Using the Mobile APP complete the questionnaire and exit the Load Bay. From there, no one touches your vehicle as it is safely and swiftly parked.
  • You can initiate your vehicle’s retrieval from your office, residence, or neighboring shops using the Mobile APP.
  • The Mobile APP continuously updates you on the car’s ETA and planned delivery Load Bay location.
  • Plans change? For any reason, you can cancel the retrieval with a click of button.
  • While the Mobile APP is working, make efficient use of those final moments before the car arrives: finish a text message, grab a coffee, program your drive route, check traffic/weather, pay your bill, or respond to an email.
  • The AUTOParkit and the Mobile APP reduces the necessity of the driver to use parking garage elevators, stairwells, and waiting in public areas.
  • Your car, completely untouched, is delivered to a waiting, empty, lit, conditioned, Load Bay. Only the vehicle’s owner has the power to unlock the Load Bay passage door to reclaim the car.
  • Doors can be unlocked using the Mobile APP.
  • No cash, no tickets, no credit card hassles. The Mobile APP delivers real-time processing of any required payment.
  • A truly touchless system with no human intervention. A solution designed to keep you a degree safer.

Want to learn more? www.dasherlawless.com

For more information on AUTOParkit, visit www.autoparkit.com.

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