Up to 10X Reduction in EV Capital Equipment

AUTOParkit Charging Solution swaps Electric Vehicles (EV) in and out of a few dedicated stalls equipped with an EV Charging Station to increase the charging capacity effectiveness for the entire garage.

How does it work? When drivers pull into a Load Bay (drop-off/pick-up location) with an EV, they plug their car into an EV Pallet. The EV Pallet at this time is NOT Connected to electricity, so it is perfectly safe. Once the car enters the AUTOParkit Rack Storage, the system automatically places the EV into an EV Stall (a special stall equipped with an EV Charger). If an EV Stall is not available, the car is queued. Once the EV Pallet is placed into the EV Stall, it is electrically connected via the EV Charger and separately metered. When the EV is 90% charged, the AUTOParkit System automatically swaps the next EV in the queue waiting to be charged.

The ability to automatically swap EVs in and out of an EV Stall increases the capacity to charge more electric vehicles. The increase in charging capacity does not come at the expense of the additional electrical infrastructure.

For more information on AUTOParkit, visit www.autoparkit.com.

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