Flexible Platforms Configurations to Address Multiple Needs of Users

AUTOStorit is built from the same modular scalable architecture used by AUTOParkit a market leader in autonomous parking. Unlike parking cars, an AUTOStorit System provides high-density automated storage of containers. Unlike a conventional storage facility where a user needs to unload their contents onto a dolly or cart and move it through a series of hallways and/or elevator to reach the storage location, AUTOStorit upon demand delivers a storage container to a Storage Bay where a user can back their car up to the Storage Container’s overhead door. Loading and unloading curbside is significantly faster, easier, and less stressful than lugging items throughout a storage facility.

AUTODockit shifts the paradigm from a user hauling contents to a storage location, to the storage location being delivered curbside to the user.

The standard storage container is 20’ x 10’ x 8’ and placed onto a pallet together forming a Container Pallet. The AUTOStorit System is then capable of moving the Container Pallet to the Rack Storage area in the building when not in use or moving it to the Storage Bay where a user can access it. Since every Container Pallet is movable to a Storage Bay, the access to every Container Pallet is curbside. Simple, convenient, and flexible.

When the owner of the Storage Container requires access they simply request delivery to a Storage Bay which is a designated curbside accessible area in the storage facility. The Storage Bay has a single overhead door. The Storage Container’s end is positioned directly behind a Storage Bay’s overhead door. When the Storage Bay’s overhead door is then opened, the Storage Container is accessible (see below). The Storage Container itself has an overhead door. It can be configured as a single overhead door or two 3’ overhead doors when the Storage Container is further subdivided.

Along with the Storage Container, the AUTOStorit System also provides a variety of pallet based storage options that include:

  • Stake Pallets
  • Cage Pallets
  • Transportable Container Pallet
  • Refrigerated Container Pallet
  • Freezer Container Pallet

Time passes, needs change, and AUTOStorit Adapts. Benefits include:

  • High Density Increases Storage Capacity
  • Convenient of Every Storage Container Delivered at Grade. No Elevators or Loading Carts
  • Safety Storage Bays are Accessible to Users, the Rack Storage is unoccupied space
  • Container Pallet Tracking allows for ATUOStorit to link to Automatic Billing
  • Container Pallet Can be Schedule in Advance for Delivery to Storage Bay
  • Versatile Design to Allow Field Upgrades
  • Automation Allows Buildouts to Capture Maximum Building Heights

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